Friday, June 15, 2012

Huawei Modem

Huawei is a famous GSM manufacturer from China, that is why there are a lot of tools to unlock Huawei modem. I will not describe all those tools here.
To unlock Huawei modem E1550, E1750, E153 and E173(without customized firmware), we need to download Universal Master Code.exe and ModemCode

1). Run Universal Master Code and enter your 15 digits IMEI number of your modem, then generate for unlock code.
2). Plug your Huawei modem to PC with an unaccepted SIM and let it completely run/install modem software. If it prompt for unlock code, just enter the unlock code you got from Universal Master Code. If not, continue to step (3).
3). Close modem software and run Modem Code Writer.
4). Press Select Com Port    >> Press Detect    >> Accept
5). Press Unlock Modem and enter the Unlock code from Universal Master Code.

Your Huawei Modem is now unlocked.

Note : This guide above is useful only with Huawei without customized firmware only. See also Guide how to unlock Huawei modem with Customized Firmware.


holy joly said...

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